New Years Eve 2017

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New Years Eve 2017

Every year since forever () I’ve always made it a point to do something on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t want to be alone or be considered unpopular.

This year I stayed at home with my family and my pup. It was the most chilled out New Year’s Eve. No rushing arounding, no constant messaging from my indecisive friends, no boring boyfriend, no stress. I just had a very grown up evening with lobster spaghetti (I was out of linguine), endless bubbles and a back to back marathon viewing of all 6 seasons of Lost (which I had already started during Christmas).

I find social media is bombarded with these images of everyone’s ‘perfect life’ and when things are going swimmingly well for me I’m not as humble as ‘good kim’ would like me to be! Although in all honesty I need reminders of the good times as I’m a depressive…. However, I’m obsessed with the imperfect! Which is why my New Year’s Eve picture was an imperfect one of a messy bedroom, my beautiful lobster and me on my lonesome. Loner! I hear the popular kids cry! Who give a tiny rat’s arse! I’m a grown up! I like my own company and I don’t need a million Facebook friends to validate myself!

So to continue on the topic of imperfection…. I’m the opposite of OCD – when I see three ornaments in perfect alignment I like to push one in the wrong direction Maybe I don’t believe humans can be perfect or maybe it’s more¬†humane¬†to be imperfect – either way I enjoy the imperfections of life! That is why I post pictures with pimples, without make-up, when my life has been completely ripped apart and when my life is just a bit poo. Because real life isn’t perfect and I think it’s important for us to accept that – especially in a society which teaches us the opposite.
But check out my perfect lobster spaghetti! Now that’s a plate of perfection!

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